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We're All About Relationships


The Harper GroupThere are three relationships within the framework of The Harper Group; the counselor/candidate, the counselor/client and the counselor/candidate/client. It's knowing what all parties are looking for and coming together to achieve similar goals that form beneficial relationships. And, at The Harper Group, We're all about relationships...

The Candidate Relationship

  • Our goal is to relieve candidates/temps of what can be a demoralizing experience in the employment agency environment
  • All direct hire and temporary candidates are treated with the same amount of respect regardless of our ability to place him/her
  • We strive to create a relationship through time, advice and direction allowing every individual to hold his/her head high

The Client Relationship

  • Understanding, insight, respect and expertise are integral elements of the client/counselor team
  • Strong relationships are earned and based upon trust
  • Communication with the client, candidate and temporary consultants are the keys to successful direct hire and temporary placements
  • Big or small company, our goal is to provide clients with skilled candidates for the job
  • The client's time is valuable. We send only the most qualified

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